Halloween imported into Africa

Why do Africans celebrate more and more Halloween when their societies hate witches and even kill them? For Akua Djane, ghanaian actress and writer, if Halloween had African roots, Africans today would call it “juju” or “muti” and would not celebrate it. Halloween, as an event, seems to be growing legs in Africa, especially in … Continua a leggere

Successful entrepreneurial ideas of nine African minds

They have African origin, they have studied abroad, but 70% of them come back to their country. This is what happens to the best minds of the continent, who start betting on their own land, giving rise to entrepreneurial initiatives that arise from the needs of the population. A formula to combine business, development and … Continua a leggere

A Collection of Amazing African Wedding Photos across Africa

AFRICAN WEDDINGS and their accompanying African wedding photos are a special community and family affair that are as diverse and colourful as the continent itself. The weddings tend to reflect some of the cultural practices of the oldest civilisation on earth. The thousands of ethnic groups that span the continent have their own marriage and … Continua a leggere

Crisis and Emerging Donors: a new era for Africa?

In an unsettling historical moment, where world powers are changing, also the criteria for aid allocation will be changing. This has resulted in a deep transformation of the concept of development aid. A history of aid In the post-war era, former colonies exporting primary products found that importing manufacturing products made their balance of payments … Continua a leggere

African Textiles – the role of the Kanga

Making and trading cloth has been vital to african life and culture for at least 2000 years. Textile patterns, materials and means of production can reveal much about a particular moment in history. Textiles may also chart the movements and migrations of people over a much longer period. They tell not only of trade within … Continua a leggere

Protection for the wonderful dunes of Sossusvlei in Namibia

A sandwagon to cross the dunes of Sossusvlei, here is the news for tourists who travel to Namibia. That doesn’t sound like a great solution where there is silence and you hear only the sound of the wind that flows around the dunes as high as mountains. It would have been a possible solution to … Continua a leggere

Masquerade in Africa

Masquerade is an art of transformation. Masquerades often occur at the changes of the seasons and rites of passage, such as initiation and death. They often maintain and express the secret knowledge of insider groups and only certain persons may be permitted to see them. With a few exceptions, the actual performing is a male … Continua a leggere

Ethiopia calls for more Italian investments and project financing

Ethiopia is projected towards a future of development no longer characterized almost exclusively by agriculture, but also towards industrial activities targeted to the large domestic market (over 80 million people) and regional expansion. For this purpose the country is strongly committed to develop a network of appropriate infrastructure, in terms of energy production exported to … Continua a leggere

The Annual Report 2011 on “Economic relations between Italy and Mediterranean area” – SRM

The Annual Report 2011 on “Economic relations between Italy and Mediterranean area” is now available for download. The Report organises and develops the main research papers produced by the Permanent Observatory on the Economic Relations between Italy and the Mediterranean area. Our research work moves from a broad concept of the Mediterranean, ranging from the North Adriatic to Morocco, … Continua a leggere

Welcome to Café Africa!

Welcome to Café Africa! A meeting and discussion place to talk about Africa and to try to know more deeply, beyond the platitudes of which often is a victim and investigating little-known aspects. Café Africa is a journey to discover the continent for a joint effort of reflection and as such is open to anyone interested, but not limited to culture, education,personal guidance. It is not a club for experts only, but wants to be a major instrument of study.

  • Café Africa
  • Benvenuti in Café Africa!

    Café Africa è un viaggio alla scoperta di un continente vasto, vario e pieno di energia.
    Un luogo d’incontro per raccontare l’Africa e per cercare di conoscerla più profondamente, superando i luoghi comuni e i pregiudizi di cui spesso è vittima e indagando su aspetti poco noti.
    Café Africa è un mio personale modo di rendere omaggio all’Africa, terra di cui mi sono innamorata perdutamente al primo incontro.
    Per informazioni, anche di viaggi: info.cafeafrica@gmail.com
    Alessandra Laricchia